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If you are getting married and plan to wear a suit or tuxedo for your special day, Sew Generously Bespoke is the best custom clothier equipped to be your creator and supplier. We are experts at empowering grooms to look and feel like their best self, and on your wedding day, that is exactly what you need.

It's Your Big Day Too

You found YOUR person. now it's time to show up for them.

Since we opened our doors in Seattle in 2018, hundreds of couples have worked with us to create the perfect wedding suit. The confidence, style, and presence shown in client photos really speak for the service we provide - but so do the numerous reviews left by them. We have even been honored with Seattle Bride Magazine's Best Formal Wear in 2023.

Felt like an immortal being, and had fun, check them out.

Ramon C.

 It felt great to work with people who were sincerely invested in me looking and feeling my very best. The suit came out phenomenal, and I can't wait to show it off to all my friends and family! 

Eric P.

Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish!

Carl L.

This was my first real suit and I couldn’t have felt more proud to wear it on my wedding day. Bonus: I get to wear it for years to come!


Highest quality - Fit perfectly - This is hands down the place you need to go for the right suit.

John R.

The best service, workmanship, and experience in Seattle. They had me looking like a GQ model for my wedding.

Mayank T.

Big seal of approval from my fiancé! She is even having me wear it around the house so she can stare from across the room.

Seth P.

The team was excellent at discussing my own sense of style, being aware of budget, presenting options and cutting a suit that is nothing short of a joy to wear.

Timothy D.

You've Come to the Right Place

Whether your wedding is traditional and classic, eclectic and artful, has specific themes or styles, or is a good old fashioned elopement or a destination event, we will have your back so that your big day is even better than you had imagined.

Even on their wedding day, many poor souls get saddled with an ill-fitting, lackluster product that, at worst, is uncomfortable and doesn’t represent them; at best, it does the job, but doesn’t truly express much of anything. With our stylists’ support, and over 6,000 fabrics, linings and customizations to choose from, as well as the expertise to make the suit a perfect fit, we elevate our clients to a truly new level.

Our goal at Sew Generously Bespoke is not to meet your expectations, or even to wow you. Our goal is to bring you to a state of absolute delight and euphoria as you wear something that truly fits, possibly for the first time ever. Not just something that fits your body, but that truly fits your wonderful personality, and shares it with the world around you.

Let us help make you the [second] best dressed at your own wedding.

You and your partner deserve to be celebrated. Your Sew Generously suit will be not only a joy to wear on the day of your wedding, but our superior craftsmanship will ensure this suit can be a go to garment for many years to come at other special events.

At Sew Generously we treasure all people celebrating unions and special events. Some of our best projects have been made for clients who want to wear traditional menswear in their own unique style. Clients who are non-binary, trans, or otherwise norm-bending find our services to be welcoming; an exciting creative adventure with our stylists and tailors. Our greatest desire is to create something that will represent and fit you perfectly. 

In fact, let’s take this a step further and make the whole wedding party shine. Not only have we provided suits for hundreds of grooms, we make it an experience and a celebration for the groomsmen, father of the bride, and other family members. Be sure to inquire about our wedding party packages to make the creative process a real party.

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